The Cherokee Herbal

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The Cherokee Herbal

The Cherokee Herbal: Native Plant Medicine from the Four Directions is a wonderful resource for those interested in integrating plant medicine into their lives. 

Excerpt from the back cover:

"In this rare collection of the herbal knowledge of Cherokee elders, author J.T. Garrett presents the healing properties and medicinal applications of over 450 North American plants. Readers will learn how Native American healers utilize the gifts of nature for ceremonial purposes and to treat over 120 ailments, from the common cold to a broken heart. The book presents the medicine of the Four Directions and the plants with which each direction is associated. From the East comes the knowledge of 'heart medicine' - blood-building tonics and plants for vitality and detoxification. The Medicine of the South focuses on the innocence of life and the energy of youthfulness. West Medicine treats the internal aspects of the physical body to encourage strength and endurance, while North Medicine offers a sense of freedom and connection to the stars and the Greater Universal Circle. This resource also includes traditional teaching tales to offer insights from Cherokee cosmology into the origin of illness, how the animals found their medicine, and the naming of the plants."


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