Myths of the Sacred Tree

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Myths of the Sacred Tree

Myths of the Sacred Tree by Moyra Caldecott.

Excerpt from the back cover:

"Essential to life on earth since the beginning of time, trees hold a special place in our collective consciousness: rooted in earth, reaching skyward, nourished by the elements, and enlivened by the sap running through their veins, they provide a living metaphor for what it means to be human. Trees have figured prominently in the myths of all people - from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to the bodhi' tree of Buddha's enlightenment - representing the unfolding of the human spirit through the experiences of life on earth.

Moyra Caldecott has gathered here a collection of myths celebrating the rich symbolism of trees. Included are myths from African, European, Native American, Russian, Indian, Arabian, and many other traditions, all bringing to life a time when the natural world was deeply respected and trees and forests were thought to be inhabited by spirits and divine beings."

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