Love Honey Aromatic Candle

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Love Honey Aromatic Candle
Love Honey Aromatic Candle

Burn this Love Honey with Pheromones Aromatic Candle to assist with attracting love into your life. This candle is fixed with herbs and manufactured by Brybradan, Inc.

Text from novena wrap:

When you light the candle the exquisite aroma that it emits, helps raise the vibrations that connects you with the Superior forces. Before you light the candle concentrate on your desires and say the following prayer:

Lord, light me a pink torch of fire that purifies my emotions and feelings so that once purified they are radiated outside my body and sent to the heart of that one person whom will love me and be forever my companion. 

God all mighty, celestial father, I ask for the person that I yearn to arrive for my eternal happiness. If it is the person who you decided for me, let it approach me and if it is not your will, I beg thee, for your help to help me forget and to find my true love. 

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