High John the Conqueror Oil

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High John the Conqueror Oil
High John the Conqueror Oil
High John the Conqueror Oil
High John the Conqueror Oil

Who is John the Conqueror?:

Folklore tells us that John was a prince from the Congo region of Africa (despite all of the anglo depictions of him that you see in the Latinx botanicas, he was not a European king). Unfortunately, his royal status did not prevent him from becoming swept up into the Maafa (trans-Atlantic slave trade). Once in the so-called New World, John refused to be broken down and subjugated. His ancestors always protected and assisted him in outsmarting his enslavers. John's strength, wit, and stuborness led to many stories being passed around about his incredible abilities amongst the other enslaved Africans. John became a legend, and this legend became the source of power for other Africans intent on securing their freedom. It is claimed that even Frederick Douglass used the High John root during his enslavement. John is also known as the Prince of Conjure. 

What is High John the Conqueror Root?:

High John the Conqueror Root (Ipomea purga, commonly known as bindweed or jjalap root)  is possibly the most famous root used in hoodoo, voodoo, rootwork, conjure, and southern folk magic tradition in North America. There are also Low John, Southern John, and Dixie John roots as well. The High John root is used to overcome and remove obstacles, just as John the Conqueror was able to prolifically accomplish all throughout his life. The root can be placed on one's altar to assist in overcoming obstacles to your petitions, carried in a green bag for good luck or money drawing, kept in the pocket while gambling, or carried on your person to offset moods of depression and confusion. You can annoint your root with corresponding oils such as John the Conqueror Oil for overcoming obstacles, Attraction Oil to attract a specific lover, or a Money Oil for gambling luck. High John root might be the most important oil in your arsenal. It is used to achieve the highest success without any negative consequences to others. All of these tools are used to set and train your mind to work towards your goals. These practices in in of themselves will not work alone. These are tools to gather certain vibrations to flow together in a way that work towards the outcomes you are desiring. 

How to use High John the Conqueror Oil:

Use your imagination! Your imagination is the greatest tool that you possess on your spiritual path! However, we all need a little guidance and there is no shame in using the ideas and practices of others as long as they resonate with you! Below are some ways to incorporate High John the Conqueror Oil into your workings, rituals, and other spiritual practices:

  •  Anoint your hands with High John Oil before doing anything you perceive will be dotted with obstacles for you to overcome such as taking a test, confronting someone over a bothersome issue, working on something that has been a struggle to execute, and so on. Ask the Most High, your angels, ancestors, and/or spirit guides to assist you with removing any and all obstacles that may appear on your path. 
  • Anoint a candle with the High John Oil. Choose a candle color that corresponds with your goal and intention (for example, green for gambling luck or pink for friendship). Scratch your initials into the candle and your intention (for example, "AAH Luck"). Write down specifically what you want to accomplish using a pencil and place this under your candle holder. Pour a bit of Florida Water or some other spiritual water on your hands and set your intention that the candle be cleansed of any negative residue that it may have picked up on its journey. You can also smudge your candle with the same intention with sage or a palo santo stick. Next, pour a bit of the High John Oil on your hands and rub on your candle while setting your intention for your candle. Remember, your intention and meditative state through this entire process is the most important part. Do not worry if you skip a step, just focus on your intention for your candle. Once lit, sit with your candle and meditate on your intention coming into fruition. Once your flame has been extinguished, your prayer has gone up into the spirit world. After this, do not worry about your petition, have faith that it will manifest.
  • Use your High John Oil to anoint yourself, family members, pets, your home, wallet, resume, business plans, place of employment, money, credit cards, deities, altar tools, mojo bags, crystals, talismans, and anything you can think of that spirit brings to your mind. Always set your intention during an anointing and ask that the Most High, your angels, ancestors, and/or spirit guides assist you on your path. 
  •  Use this oil to assist you with connecting to the enslaved Africans who both perished during the Maafa (African American holocaust), survived throughout it, or made it to a life of freedom.
  • Strengthen your divination work by anointing yourself and decks with High John Oil before a reading, during a meditation or downloading, or before sleep for dreamwork.  

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