Crown of Success Oil

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Crown of Success Oil
Crown of Success Oil
Crown of Success Oil
Crown of Success Oil

About Crown of Success Oil:

Crown of Success Oil is one of the more well known anointing oils, probably made popular by the commercialization of hoodoo products by Jewish-owned spiritual supply magazines in the early 1900's. You can find commercialized versions of Crown of Success oils and powders in local botanicas, usually made with dyes and chemicals. The "active ingredients" in most Crown of Success Oils (and mine), is the vertiver root (vetivert) and bay leaf. The vertiver plant is known as the plant that never dies. While this is a bit of an exaggeration, the plant is strong enough to withstand flooding, drought, earthquakes, fires, and trampling by heavy animals such as cattle.  It is highly adaptive and can grow in all sorts of terrain and soil. The plant is used for spiritual purposes throughout many cultures for protection, love spells, and business luck. 

Crown of Success Oil is used to bring success to anything you are intending to create or execute. It is most notably used in business matters. However, it can be used to overcome obstacles and achieve any goals that you have set out to accomplish. Crown of Success can be used in employment or school related matters, starting a business, applying for a promotion, or achieving any other desire you have set your heart on.

How to use Crown of Success Oil:

The uses for Crown of Success Oil are probably endless. Here is an unexhuastive list of ways to incorporate Crown of Success Oil into your spiritual practice:

  •  Anoint your hands with Crown of Success Oil before going to an interview or asking for a promotion. Ask your ancestors, angels, spirit guides, and the Most High to direct your steps so that you will perform in a manner that is just what the hiring person is looking for! Set your intention to get the job, but also ask your ancestors and guides to watch out for any pitfalls that the job may have and that you cannot see.
  • Anoint a candle with the Crown of Success Oil. Choose a candle color that corresponds with your intention (for example, green for business success or brown for success in a court case). Scratch your initials into the candle and your intention (for example, "A.A.H. Employment"). Write down specifically what you want using a pencil. I like to cut up a brown paper bag into squares to use as petition paper. Pour a bit of Florida Water into your hands and rub onto the candle in an upward motion.  Set your intention to clear any negative energy that may have accumulated on the candle during its journey to you. Next pour a bit of the Crown of Success Oil onto your hand. Anoint your petition paper by rubbing the oil on the four corners of the paper. Rub the oil onto the candle in an upward motion. If you are using a novena (jar) candle, you can rub the oil on the casing or drill. holes into the candle with an awl and drip a few drops of the oil into the holes. Set your intention for your candle in your mind's eye. Cut a bit of the wick to imbue your energy into the candle. Use a match to light your candle. Sit with your candle and meditate on your petition coming to fruition. Once your candle has burned, your prayer has gone up into the spirit world. Do not worry over your petition and know that what is best for you will be. 
  • Use your Crown of Success Oil to anoint yourself, family members, your home, wallet, car, business propositions, homework, place of business, money, credit cards, altar, mojo bags, deity statues, charms, talismans, crystals, and anything you can think of that comes to you. Always set your intention and ask that your angels, ancestors, and the Most High to assist you in your endeavors. 

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