Heirloom Spiritual Apothecary

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Health properties of calendula include:

  • contains estrogen properties that assists with menopause
  • boosts heart health
  • eases digestive distress
  • sooths inflammation of the stomach and bowels
  • relieves congestion in the lymph system and reduces swollen lymph glands
  • improves circulation
  • detoxifies the body
  • aids in flu prevention
  • helps regulate menstruation
  • fights herpes simplex
  • contains antibacterial properties that assists with pelvic and bowel infection

Spiritual properties of calendula include:

  • all purpose master healer
  • protection
  • stops gossip
  • prosperity 
  • intuition
  • gratitude
  • prophecy
  • psychic ability
  • releasing of stagnant energy
  • insight

.5 oz.

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