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Bay Leaf
Bay Leaf
Bay Leaf
Bay Leaf
Bay Leaf

What is bay leaf?:

Bay Leaf is a common, aromatic herb traditionally used for cooking. However, Bay Leaf also packs a powerful punch in the spiritual realm and is a useful herb to have on hand for plant magic!

What are the mystical properties of Bay Leaf?

Bay Leaf contains the following mystical properties:

  • wards off evil,
  • attracts lovers,
  • increases psychic abilities,
  • removes hexes,
  • purifies home,
  • induces prophetic dreams,
  • cleanses,
  • grants wishes, and
  • holds abundance and prosperity energy.

Ways to use Bay Leaf:

There are a limitless number of ways in which to use Bay Leaf for your spiritual work. Here are just a few:

  • Write your wishes on Bay Leaf and burn it to bring more energetic strength to your wish. Ask the Most High, your angels, ancestors, and/or spirit guides to assist you with your request. 
  • Inhale the smoke of a burning Bay Leaf to increase your clairevoyance, clairesentience, claireaudience, or any other psychic abilities such as downloading information or enhancing prophetic dreams. 
  • Place Bay Leaf in a bowl of water. Use that water to cleanse your hands before going into a sacred space, or before sacred mediation, prayer, chanting, or any other work where you are calling upon the Divine Most High to assist you in your endeavors. 
  • Grind Bay Leaf using a mortar and pestle. After applying dressing/anointing oil to your candle, sprinkle the grounded Bay Leaf onto your candle. Be sure to set your intention for your candle work.
  • Add to a medicine or mojo bag to add protection, prosperity and abundance.

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