"This is so amazing and your customer services was so good I had to order more! Thank you!" (June 2020)

"I received my package today and it's so lovely and full of amazing energy! Thank you so much for what you do and thank you so much for the silver plate. I'll forever be a customer." (May 2020)

"Hey there! I just wanted to thank you for the lovely order I received yesterday. Everything was so beautiful AND beautifully packaged. I felt like I was getting a present from the Universe!" (May 2020)

"Peace Highness! I am elated after receiving my gifts from you! The vibration is so high in that package I can't even contain it! It's so beautiful that I didn't want to open it. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and the care you've put into this. This package is a blessing from the Universe and I pray that the Universe rewards you a zillionfold for the joy you bring to those of us who have had the privilege to cross your path. Peace and Blessings." (May 2020)

"I've been meaning to tell you I met you at the pop-up shop in March. I bought a few items: the Love Drawing Rice, Rose of Jericho, and Clean Body Tea. The tea has done wonders for my psoriasis, it's keeping my flare ups down. I love it! The Love Drawing Rice is working on my self-love. I thought it would bring me a significant other, but instead it's helped me personally. I used my Rose of Jericho. Sent intentions for prosperity and to increase my flow of money. I have a new job making double, took the initial steps in starting my business. I will be glad when I can attend another pop-up. Everyone was great and I truly loves the atmosphere. Thank you." (April 2020) 

"Wow... just wow! My order was immaculate. The products are perfect but the spirit and thought that went into the packaging warmed my heart. I can't say enough. Thank you!! When your sleep/relax tea comes back keep me posted. Thank you 1000 times." (March 2020)

"Love, love, love everything. Your products are amazing!!! Thank you for the tea. I appreciate it soooooo much. Much, much gratitude!" (September 2019)

"I love your work. I have my own business where I deal with skin care, herbs, teas, butters... but it's something about your work, your spirit, it just speaks to me every time I see you post something. Whenever I see your work it gives me this overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort. It makes me feel lie I'm on the right path. I feel like I know you. You give me a sense of calmness if that makes any sense. I'll stop babbling. Have a beautiful and fun filled day." (August 2019)

"An Heirloom experience can only be described as an alchemical blend of divine love, nature's healing and a feast of senses. Ajua and Omar have an innate sense of their community's needs and exude a warmth that travels through every cell of your body and deeply touches your spirit. I can't wait for the next pop-up." L. Burgess (April 2015)