Florida Water Dropper Bottle

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Florida Water Dropper Bottle
Florida Water Dropper Bottle
Florida Water Dropper Bottle

About Heirloom Florida Water:

Florida Water is a staple in my spiritual tool chest.  I use it to wipe down virtually every aspect of a spiritual working from refreshing the table, to cleaning my scissors and engraving tools, to blessing my candles.  The use of Florida Water can be found amongst many African derived religions now practiced in the so-called New World, or Turtle Island (think Hoodoo, Santeria, Vodoun, Ifa, etc.). The most popular, and widely used Florida Water can be found in drug stores and botanicas throughout the country.  However, this brand is factory made with dyes and chemicals.  On the contrary, my small batch Florida Water is made with spring water, essential oils, vodka, and intention.  The dropper bottle size is perfect for cleaning candles and adding to smaller spiritual workings.  

How to use Florida Water:

The uses for Florida Water are probably endless. Here is an unexhaustive list of ways to incorporate Florida Water into your spiritual practice:

  • Before lighting your spiritual candle, drop a few droplets of Florida Water into your hand, and rub them together. Hold your chime, pillar or jar candle in one hand and rub the Florida Water in an upward motion from the base to the top, cleaning every side. Do this with intention – intention to clean all negative energy from the candle that may have accumulated on its travels to you. You can then engrave your candle with your name and intention, such as – “A.A.M. PEACE.” Always pray over your candle asking the Most High to guide your steps in obtaining your petition or say whatever prayer is laid on your heart.
  • Use your Florida Water to consecrate all of your special spiritual tools.  Once consecrated, do not use these tools for any other purpose.  Wipe down each tool using your hands or cloth or paper towel, and set an intention for its use. Ask the Most High to guide you in using this tool. Examples of spiritual tools that you can consecrate are: scissors, knives, spoons, engraving tools, altar tables, altar cloths, herbs jars, Bibles, religious texts and books, candle holders, oil bottles, and any other tools you may use in your spiritual practice.
  • Add your Florida Water to your spiritual bath or regular bath to clear your aura of trapped negative energy. Set your intention to be cleansed from all lower vibrations from your mind, body, spirit, and soul. Ask to be cleansed of any vampiric or evil entities that may have attached themselves to you. Ask that any and all things that do not serve you in a positive manner, effortlessly pass away from your life. Thank the Most High for bringing love energy and a clear, focused mind into your awareness. Do not wipe off your spiritual bath but instead air dry so that the Florida Water remains on your skin.
  • Other ways to use your Florida Water: to anoint yourself or family members, as Holy Water in your workings, in your floor wash and on your cleaning rags, to clean your aura before energy work, and to enhance virtually any other spiritual work you can think of!

Size: 1 oz.

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