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Love Drawing Rice

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Love Drawing Rice
Love Drawing Rice
Love Drawing Rice
Love Drawing Rice
Love Drawing Rice
Love Drawing Rice


Spiritual Rice is known as Hoodoo Prosperity Rice, Hoodoo Money Rice, Green Fixed Rice, and Lucky Money Hoodoo Rice. There are a variety of spiritual rice that can be created with various goals in mind, such as road opening or attraction. Rice is used as an offering to deities and as a symbol of wealth throughout many cultures. This particular recipe is accredited to Hoodoo - an African American cultural tradition developed in the South, based in African spiritual practices, Indigenous American herbal knowledge, and Biblical texts. Lucky Green Rice is also used in Santeria and Vodun, which unlike Hoodoo, are religious practices. Much of Hoodoo is the use of seemingly mundane objects such as roots or animal bones in the creation of mystical tools. Rice is a common household item that was always plentiful in the South along the coastal regions where it was harvested and where African culture remained in tact. After the Great Migration, Hoodoo practices were carried up North and dispersed throughout the country. Most people who practiced Hoodoo never called it such - they just did what they always had done. It was just a way of life. 

How your Love Drawing Rice is made: Each batch is uniquely made by hand with love energy. I use long grain rice because I want your love to be long and deep! Your Love Drawing Rice is mixed with herbs, oils, and attraction properties that resonate loving vibrations. Each bag is then charged with Reiki healing energy and left on my altar for an extra power boost. I remain in the mind set of and intentional focus on healing love while creating your rice. This spiritual item is a tool to help you develop mind, body, and spirit in a way that focuses on and increases your attraction powers in all areas of your life. 

How to use your Love Drawing Rice:

  • Place Rice in a small bowl as an offering to your ancestors or deities. Be sure to let your ancestors and deities know that you are thankful for their support, encouragements, signs and blessings. 
  • Use at the base of your self-love, love drawing, fertility, friendship, and sex candles to add more power to your petition. Don't forget to write out your petition and place under your candle. You can also carve your initials and signifying number on your candle before burning. When using a novena (glass) candle, be sure to peel off any stickers. 
  • Place in a bowl and set by your cash register or on  your vending table. Add a money frog statue to increase the money flow in your business. Or add Rice to the bottom of your tip jar. Ask that your angels, ancestors and the Most High aid you in bringing in more customers and giving them exceptional service!
  • Sprinkle on your floors before sweeping to bring love energy into the home. Don't forget to clean with your Florida Water or smudge the area as well, to clear the space of negative energy before sweeping. Read Psalm 23 and ask the Most High to continuously bring prosperity throughout your home.
  • Sprinkle Rice around your Rose of Jericho pot, place in a bowl by your front door or throw a bit under your welcome mat. Pray to the Most High for him/her to bring continuous loving people through your front door and that all who enter will receive healing.
  • Create a mojo (offering to your ancestors or a particular deity) or a charm bag (items that have a similar resonance) and add your Rice to amplify love energy. Always anoint and pray over your mojos and charm bags. Breathe into it three times to awaken its powers and ask the Most High to bless you. Carry your bag with you on date night.
  • Bless the bride and groom by tossing Rice over the couple after they have tied the knot! Ask the Most High that s/he protect and bless them throughout their sacred union. 

Size: Approx. 4 oz.

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NOTE: This product is not for consumption. Do not eat it. Thank you.

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