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Pyrite Cubed Stone

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Pyrite Cubed Stone
Pyrite Cubed Stone
Pyrite Cubed Stone

Magical pyrite cube adds powerful energy to your prosperity, abundance, and money rituals, altars, and spells.

Pyrite characteristics:

  • Enhances strength of mind and will-power.
  • Strong protection.
  • Shields negativity.
  • Promotes health.
  • Helps to focus with confidence.
  • Draws abundance and prosperity.
  • Encourages an attitude of gratitude.
  • Helpful in meditation to believe that you will receive what you desire.
  • Boosts assertiveness.
  • Can be used to change the balance of power to your favor.
  • Stimulates the second and third chakras. 

Cubed crystals consolidate energy from within its form. They are useful for anchoring intention and grounding. Naturally occurring square crystals draw off negative energy and transform it into positive.

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