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Shango Candle

Heirloom Spiritual Apothecary

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Shango Candle
Shango Candle


  • Orisha Shango embodies the spirit of thunder, lightening, fire, dance, and the drum. He symbolizes virility, male beauty, and protective energy.
  • Invoke Shango for courage and justice.  He breaks all hexes, spells, curses; provides victories over enemies; and protects from all evils.
  • Shango is the master of psychological warfare and a beloved military commander.
  • Shango's feast day: December 4.
  • Shango's number: 6.
  • Shango's possession: the two headed ax.
  • Shango's colors: red and white.
  • Shango's animals: dogs, roosters, turtles, horses, leopards, crocodiles, rams, lizards.
  • Shango's sacred nature: royal palm tree.
  • Shango is patron of risk takers, soldiers, police officers, surgeons, and body builders.

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