Sage & Rose Dressed Chime Candle (Blue)

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Sage & Rose Dressed Chime Candle (Blue)
Sage & Rose Dressed Chime Candle (Blue)

Heirloom’s Sage & Rose Dressed Chime Candles are the perfect tool for invoking a particular energy in your ritual. Each candle is cleared with Heirloom Florida Water and rubbed with anointing oil. They are then meticulously dressed with roses for love energy and sage for protection. You can purchase these chime petition candles in the following colors:

Black: Ancestors, Unity, Authority, Mystery, Eliminates Negativity.

Blue: Tranquility, Protection, Perception, Intuition, Creativity, Health, Communication, Vitality.

Green: Money, Balance, Love, Healthy Crops, Peace, Harmony, Renewal, Life.

Red: Love, Health, Vigor, Courage, Strength, Ambition, Sexuality.

Pink: Love, Success, Honor, Conqueror of Evil, Clean Living, Nurture, Sweetness, Innocence.

Purple: Psychic Power, Beauty, Creativity, Sacredness, Spirituality, Sensitivity, Transformation.

Orange: Confidence, Success, Happiness, Balance, Socialbility, Finance

Yellow: Mental Clarity, Optimism, Self Esteem, Wisdom, Inspiration, Joyfulness, Captivating, Charming.

White: Purity, Truth, Power, Spiritual Strength, Realization, New Start

Size: 4 in.

WARNING: Always burn your dressed candle on a large, fire safe plate, pot, or pan. Do not leave candle burning alone. If you must leave your candle, put it out first and relight when you are able to be back in the room. Ase. 

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