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Ogun Candle

Heirloom Spiritual Apothecary

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Ogun Candle
Ogun Candle


  • Orisha Ogun is the mighty warrior. He is the patron of war, iron, the hunt, technology and culture. He is a master craftsman, artist, farmer, warrior and the essence of destruction.
  • Ogun's possessions: sabre/machete, rum, and tobacco.
  • Ogun is the first blacksmith and invented all of the tools. He uses his machete to clear paths and assists people with overcoming obstacles.
  • Ogun's number: 7.
  • Ogun's colors: green and black.
  • Ogun's followers include warriors, blacksmiths, and all who use metal in their occupations.
  • Ogun presides over deals and contracts.
  • Ogun represents the third chakra, manipura at the solar plexus.  Go to him for potential to succeed in life, self-esteem, vitality, and personal power.
  • Ogun is associated with blood and called on to heal blood disorders. 

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