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Bayberry Aromatic Candle

Heirloom Teas Apothecary

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Bayberry Aromatic Candle
Bayberry Aromatic Candle

Bayberry Aromatic Candle for bringing lots of love and luck to your home and money to your pocket. This candle is dressed with herbs.

Manufactured by Brybraden, Inc.

Prayer from novena wrap:

With the help of God, I will always have anything I need. God has blessed my wallet so that it is open to receive and also give to the needy. Allow me to use this money wisely Lord, and let all roads be open to me.

If I should need something, please God, show me the way to obtain it, as I have faith.

Lord, you who has the power to give, help me solve my problems and grant me enough money and health to live a comfortable life. Amen.


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