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Rose of Jericho

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Rose of Jericho
Rose of Jericho
Rose of Jericho
Rose of Jericho

About the Rose of Jericho:

I first noticed this plant while visiting botanicas in Philadelphia. I’d walk into these enticing spiritual shops and admiringly observe a round white metal bowl with a spiky plant floating inside it, surrounded by deity statues and money offerings. I was attracted to this type of altar and wanted to set up one for my home. I discovered that this plant was called a Rose of Jericho and that it ushered prosperity into the home. Upon further research, I found out that what we call Rose of Jericho (Anastatica hierochuntica found in Western Asia) regularly seen here in American botanicas is actually False Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla found in the deserts of North America). False Rose of Jericho, or Resurrection Fern, can revive itself after the roots have been disrupted. The amazing aspect of this plant is that in can lie dormant, in a tight dry ball for years.  Once it comes into contact with water, it will “come alive” and unfurl itself back into a vibrant plant.

How to care for your Rose of Jericho:

Place your plant in a bowl of water. Make sure the bowl is large enough to cover the roots of the plant. You may want to add stones, shells or marbles to the bottom of the bowl. I like to have enough water so that my plant floats in the bowl. However, I have seen other preparations where the bowl is smaller and the water only touches the roots. Change the water in your bowl at least once a week. I change mine every Sunday. How quickly you should change it will depend on how hot and dark it is where your plant is stored. Since I keep my plant in a brightly lit area, I never have problems with mold. If you do spot mold growing on your plant, just rinse it in water with a little liquid detergent. This plant prefers an environment that is room temperature and not in direction sunlight.

How to use your Rose of Jericho for spiritual purposes:

  • Create a prosperity altar at the entrance of your home.  Surround your Rose of Jericho with images or statues of your ancestors, angels, deities, and/or the Most High (I understand that some may not use images of the Most High but you could use a symbolic item such as a Bible). “Feed” this altar with money from time to time when you feel the Spirit hit you. I burn a small tealight next to my plant during my morning house cleaning routine.
  •  Once a week (I like to do this on Sundays), give your Rose of Jericho a fresh bath. Pour the old water used to sustain the plant, onto your front steps or walkway leading to the entrance of your home. Set your intention for the type of people and energy you would like to enter into your home. Say a prayer of protection over your home and its inhabitants.
  • Prepare your own Rose of Jericho Water. Find a container that you would like to keep your spiritual water. Cleanse and consecrate the bottle by smudging or wiping up with Florida Water. Pour off old Rose of Jericho water into your container. Use your Jericho Water for cleansing workings, house blessings, reversal and repellent magic, anointing the body or objects, spiritual baths, consecrating spiritual tools, and as a substitution for Holy Water.
  • Place your Rose of Jericho at the entryway of your business. Change the water once a week. On that day, sprinkle the old water throughout your business. Say a prayer or read a Psalm at this time. This ritual will provide protection and prosperity blessings into your store, office or other place of business.

Size: size of plant varies from 3 in. to 5 in. in diameter. 


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